Less operation/administration and a lower TCO than other solutions seems likely. However you still need capacity planning , monitoring , and the ability to determine your current needs . If you can afford two other servers and your app reads more than it writes, you can get improved high availability and increased read scalability with replica sets. If your application is write intensive then you might need autosharding. The point is you don’t have to be Facebook or Twitter to use MongoDB. You can even be working on a one-off dinky application.

I’m with you on that one; you don’t need a full fledged RDBMS and programming language to run a simple website. There’s a lot of languages I’d rather see disappear . PHP is still used for things like Nextcloud which is working pretty well. I also hate javascript because it is too taxing in terms of developer experience. But I disagree that the declarative nature of async/await/promises that you mentioned, especially the functional nature of .then() is one of the bad parts of javascript.

Despite there being reasonable grounds for complaint about PHP, it seems to me that much of the stigma is absorbed because it’s fashionable, rather than reasoned by individuals. These tools are a set of https://globalcloudteam.com/ small tight cgi binaries written in C. If you are at an office or shared network, you can ask the network administrator to run a scan across the network looking for misconfigured or infected devices.

Except for this small tidbit, there are advantages of having three versus two in general. If you have two instances and one goes down, the remaining instance has 200% more load than before. If you have three instances and one goes down, the load for the remaining instances only go up by 50%. If you run your boxes at 50% capacity typically and you have an outage that means your boxes will run at 75% capacity until you get the remaining box repaired or replaced. If business continuity is your thing or important for your application, then having at least three instances in a replica set sounds like a good plan anyway .

DROP OF RAGE 2Q== Does Php Have A Future, Or Are Twenty Five Years Enough? Software development

MongoDB does not seem to require a lot of ramp up time. Compared to other NoSQL solution it has been said that MongoDB is easier to get started. Also with MongoDB many DevOps things come cheaply or free. This is not that there are never any problems or one should not do capacity planning. MongoDB has become for many an easy on ramp for NoSQL, a gateway drug if you will.

PHP is lengthily documented and follows a conclusive approach. On the other hand, Python makes use of hollow enforcements that are quite strict. Possibly, Python is not just clear than PHP, but also more readable than other programming languages. This is awesome Rick, Its one of the best article I have read apart from mongo db documentation.

Superior Framework

If you could get the data on second server or two, then the chances of them all going down at once is very, very low. What are the chances of two servers going down at once? The general thought from MongoDB community was (is?) durability is overvalued and was just not Web Scale. Whether this is a valid point or not, there was much fun made about this at MongoDB’s expense (rated R, Mature 17+). Where possible, Mongo tries to follow the terminology of MySQL. If you are used to using MySQL, where possible, MongoDB tries to make the transition a bit less painful.

Some security issues may arise if you decide to choose PHP instead of Node. The good news is they’re well-known by web developers as well. If you choose to cooperate with a company providing PHP web development services, make sure they have solid experience to prevent possible security issues. Also, make sure you have enough time in your possession if you decide to choose PHP development. Poor error handling and lack of efficient debugging tools can lead to a prolonged testing stage.

  • The product itself has high availability, journaling , replication, auto-sharding, map reduce, and an aggregation framework (so you don’t have to use map-reduce directly for simple aggregations).
  • The price you pay for MongoDB, one of the youngest but perhaps best managed NoSQL solution, is lack of maturity.
  • Not to scare you, MongoDB is good enough if queries are simple and you do a little homework, and is always improving.
  • This is a good model to start out with and probably very much like quite a few application you already worked on (assuming that most application don’t need high availability).
  • Typically you have at least three MongoDB instances in a replica set on different server machines .
  • MongoDB’s closest cousins seem to be CouchDB/Couchbase.
  • MongoDB uses a binary protocol instead of REST like some other implementations.

Whereas PHP language seems to be easier to learn and become capable in, as the over-all insight goes, Python helps you make more robust code that can be put to multipurpose use cases. Python has the structure that helps make it a well-thought-out, elegant and robust language. The MongoDB console reminds me of a cross between the MySQL console and Python’s console. Once you use the console, it is hard to imagine using a NoSQL solution that does not have a decent console . Here is the complete listing to make the cut and paste crowd , happy. Python does have literals for maps so working with Python is much closer to the JavaScript/Console from earlier than Java is.

Also keep in mind, writes are in RAM and eventually get synced to disk since MongoDB uses a memory mapped files. Writes are not as expensive as if you were always waiting to sync to disk. Choosing the right database management system is a task that can predetermine the success of your web application. Due to that reason, database architecture design occupies an essential role in the product life cycle. Software development companies deliver and maintain dozens of systems supporting relational, conventional, and NoSQL databases. To make sure your future app can better meet the needs of end-users, it’s better to ensure that it’ll hook up with a specific database management system.

Setting Up Java And Mongodb

First there were all of the Object Oriented Database folks for years preaching how it was going to be the next big thing. I hear 2013 will be the year of the OODB just like it was going to be 1997. Then there were the XML Database people preaching something very similar, which did not seem to happen either at least at the pervasive scale that NoSQL is happening. Now, let’s consider some situations where Node can outplay PHP. First, asynchronous calculations that we’ve mentioned earlier can become a considerable helper when your app has to process multiple simultaneous user requests. For example, an online marketplace app that must handle dozens of banking transactions and search queries.

DROP OF RAGE 2Q== Does Php Have A Future, Or Are Twenty Five Years Enough? Software development

Not to scare you, MongoDB is good enough if queries are simple and you do a little homework, and is always improving. The first time I heard of something that actually could be classified as NoSQL was from Warner Onstine, he is currently working on some CouchDB articles for InfoQ. Warner was going on and on about how great CouchDB was. I was skeptical, and had just been on a project that was converted from an XML Document Databaseback to Oracle due to issues with the XML Database implementation. I did not pick the XML Database solution, or decide to convert it to Oracle.

Does Php Have A Future, Or Are Twenty Five Years Enough?

And to me, is the main advantage of the language . I don’t use bookmarks like I did in 1995 but I do still want to bookmark something occasionally. Or, more frequently I might want to email a link. Inevitably there will be people that are fans of PHP and are so invested in it that they will defend it to the very end, that is the case with any technology that is being displaced.

DROP OF RAGE 2Q== Does Php Have A Future, Or Are Twenty Five Years Enough? Software development

10gen improved Mongo’s replication and high availability with Replica Sets. PHP, in its turn, can outplay Node when it comes to some heavy calculations. With the release of PHP 7, development companies can rely on this technology if there’s the need to do some big data analysis. Do you work with a legacy system or old databases and want to save some money and postpone complete software modernization? You better look at PHP since it can handle old databases with ease. Node shows better performance in many scenarios if we compare it with other languages, such as Java, for example.

The mongos process uses config servers to find where shard keys live. For sharding you need at least three config servers, and shard topologies cannot change unless all three are up at the same time. This ensures consistency of the How to Hire a PHP Developer shard topology. The full autosharding topology is show in figure 6. An excellent talk on the internals of MongoDB shardingwas done by Kristina Chodorow, author of Scaling MongoDB, at OSCON 2011 if you would like to know more.

Aggregation Framework

Also setting up high availability seems easier on MongoDB than other more established solutions. The config servers contain a versioned shard topology and are the gatekeeper for autosharding balancing. This topology maps which shard has which keys. The config servers are like DNS server for shards.

DROP OF RAGE 2Q== Does Php Have A Future, Or Are Twenty Five Years Enough? Software development

There is also many available ready main themes online just search Google for Theme for Apache2 Directory Listing, making it responsive wouldn’t be to hard either. Of these, I would recommend Flask, as I’ve used it and have no complaints. It also has a lot of extensions that would make life a lot easier if you want more features in your site. Bottle – This is another microframework, and is even more minimal than Flask. Is just one file and has no dependencies other than the standard library, so would be a nice fit for what you want. Connect and share knowledge within a single location that is structured and easy to search.

MongoDB does not have or integrate a full text search engine like many other NoSQL solutions do , although it seems to support basic text search better than most traditional databases. This bred skepticism and distrust of databases that were not established RDBMS (Oracle, MySQL, etc.). InfoQ Live August Learn how cloud architectures help organizations take care of application and cloud security, observability, availability and elasticity. The application environment should be managed centrally by the DevOps team. This allows them to better track modifications and changes which would then be swift and transparent to developer teams. Contact us if you’re looking for an experienced development team who can take the best of both Node and PHP to create outstanding web apps.

Java And Mongodb

As you recall MongoDB uses memory mapped file for its storage engine so it could be a while for the data in memory to get synced to disk by the operating system. Thus if you did have several machines go down at once , complete recoverability would be impossible. The moral of the story is MongoDB has journaling as well as many other options so you can decide what the best engineering tradeoff in data safety, raw speed and scalability. In general, once replication is setup it just works.

The Infoq Newsletter

The price you pay for MongoDB, one of the youngest but perhaps best managed NoSQL solution, is lack of maturity. It does not have a code base going back three decades like RDBMS systems. It does not have tons and tons of third party management and development tools.

In any case, remember that the specifics of your project must remain the only criteria upon which you should decide what technologies to include in your tech stack. Among the main disadvantages of PHP, we can mention its flexibility from the coding point of view, which isn’t always a good thing. It doesn’t force different development teams to follow the same style of writing the code. In the long run, it can result in difficulties with maintenance if your website will require much rework to be performed by a developer who sees the code for the first time. One or the other pen doesn’t make you a good fantasy book author.

In addition, more ease of development can be achieved thanks to sharing code and tests between client-side and server-side parts of the app. The first advantage of Node.js comes from the very nature of this JS framework. Many programmers already know the JavaScript language or intend to learn it. For almost a decade, all developer surveys have shown that JavaScript is the most popular programming language worldwide. Of course, it doesn’t necessarily mean that any frontend developer can start using Node without learning some new tricks, but the steep learning curve won’t be a thing to worry about. Additionally, the high popularity of Node can also be considered a huge helper.

Db.employees.renameCollection renames the collection. Node.js , Ruby, and Python in that order are the trend setter crowd in our industry circa 2012. Java is the corporate crowd, and PHP is the workhorse of the Internet. You can’t have a decent NoSQL solution without having good PHP support. Once you have it all setup, working with Java and MongoDB is quite easy as shown in figure 9. Assuming you are using Eclipse, but if not by now you know how to translate these instructions to your IDE anyway.

Node Js Vs Php Choosing Between Modernity And Tradition

MongoDB combinations of features, simplicity, community, and documentation make it successful. The product itself has high availability, journaling , replication, auto-sharding, map reduce, and an aggregation framework (so you don’t have to use map-reduce directly for simple aggregations). PHP creators deliver code that can make the development process more flexible and give programmers freedom in deciding how the final application will look.

Node will process them simultaneously, while PHP will have to line up all requests in a queue and deal with them one after another. Furthermore, unlike PHP, Node won’t block new requests even if the old ones aren’t processed yet, which also invests in the overall performance. Zachary Marlow has updated the project titled Fiber optic lighting adapter . Some of my web applications are somewhat complex. Everything works well and as expected, everything is stable. This isn’t really hate on the language itself as it is on the unneeded complexity it bestows on the web.

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